Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not Afriad -- A Children's Story

     Grace was five years old. She had brown hair and eyes, small hands, and a smile full of joy and laughter. Her best friend's name was Daniel, and he had black hair, big eyes, and was one of the nicest friends Grace ever had. They went over each other's houses all the time and partnered up in preschool for projects and group activities, until one day, when Grace's father came home with bad news. Her friend Daniel was in the hospital with what her dad said was a scary virus. 
     Now, Grace didn't immediately get up to go to the hospital to see her best friend. Why? Because she was terrified of hospitals. Needles scared her and doctors made her nervous. This was one of Grace's fears. Her dad told her Daniel would surely love it if she could go see him, as the hospital was allowing guests. Grace didn't respond. She was afraid, and her fear captured her, making her unable to do what her father wanted her to do. Grace hid in her room for the rest of the night. 
     The next day, Grace woke up as usual and went to school. It wasn't the same. At playtime, she sat at the drawing table and stared at her crayons instead of playing with the other children. She missed having Daniel there. It didn't take long for the teacher to notice she wasn't being herself. The teacher asked Grace to come out into the hallway. When the teacher asked her what was wrong, Grace told her that Daniel was in the hospital, but she was too afraid to go see him. "I'm going to tell you a story," said the teacher.
     The pair sat down at a table in the hallway and Grace's teacher started to talk.
     "Once upon a time, there was a little girl, and she was deathly afraid of heights. So afraid, that when the carnival came to town and all her friends wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel, she was left out. The day came where her friends were all planning to go to the carnival. Her best friend, Julie, was very sad because if the little girl didn't go, Julie wouldn't have a partner to go on the Ferris Wheel with her. This made the little girl even more sad. Right before her friends left for the carnival, she decided she didn't want her friend to be alone and she went with her to the carnival. When she got there, she was terrified. However, she found the courage to get on the Ferris Wheel with her friend, and she was no longer afraid."
     "Why are you telling me this?" asked Grace
     "Because Grace," her teacher said, "Sometimes we are afraid of something that prevents us from being there for our friends. By going on that Ferris Wheel, the little girl realized heights weren't so bad. Maybe hospitals aren't as scary as you think."
     After school, Grace got home from the bus and ran into her house to find her father. 
     "Dad! Can we go visit Daniel? Please?"
     "What made you change your mind?" her father asked.
     "Sometimes we are afraid of something that prevents us from being there for our friends. Maybe the hospital isn't so scary."
     Her father laughed and put his coat on. The two got into the car and drove to the hospital. 
     When they arrived, Grace held onto her father's hand tightly and walked into the hospital cautiously. When they get to Daniel's room, his mother was sitting next to him. "He hasn't woken up all day," she whispered.
     "Hi Daniel," Grace whispered to him. She looked up at her father with a sad look on her face, "How sick is he?" she asked.
     Daniel's mother responded, "He will be fine in a week or so. He just needs rest and medicine. I'm glad you could come to see him, Grace."
     Just then, Daniel's eyes fluttered open. He was elated to see his friend. Daniel, however, wasn't allowed to get out of bed. Grace bravely let her father's hand go and opened her backpack. She had 
She brought crayons so they could draw pictures, like they did at play time at school. Daniel's mother and Grace's father excused themselves and went to the cafeteria to get a drink. 
     Grace looked at the tubes coming out of Daniel's arm and nose. "Does it hurt?" She asked.
     "It's just a little uncomfortable," Daniel answered, "But the medicine they give me makes me feel better. Grace looked around the room nervously. 
     Daniel spoke up, "The hospital isn't scary at all. Everything is very clean and everyone is very nice. And they'll get me home as soon as they can!"

     Grace smiled at Daniel and took out her paper. The two started to draw, now that Grace wasn't scared anymore. She was so afraid of hospitals before, but she realized it's just like an extra large nurse's room. The doctors would take care of her friend, and she was there for company. Sometimes, Grace thought, we are afraid of something without knowing what it is. It takes a good friend to help you realize that scary things aren't so bad when you get to know them.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


My first Sonnet!

From above a crystal mist descended,
And left the ground as pure as untouched light;
This brought forth concern so unattended
In how we try to wrestle with our blight.
Are all our flaws forgiven with new snow?
Is darkness the inevitable end?
So must we fear the answers we don't know,
And toss aside what we can't comprehend?
I search for answers I will never find,
And see perfection is a myth of heart,
But this is how the Earth has been designed,
An imperfection of divine, old art.
So now is time to open eyes and see
That blight is what creates humanity.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Try and Stop Me

"Sky-screaming, star-dreaming,
Cloud-climbing, sun-winding,
Wishful thinker.
Where is the rest of your life?
You're diving into the heavens,
Leaving crisis behind;
Put your feet on the hillsides,
Or is reality too easy for you?
The sky is just emptiness,
the stars are only fire,
Who do you think you are,
trying to fly with the clouds?
There is no way accomplishments
would ever substitute reality,
because you have no reason
To think big
Who are you to try to be
amicable and worthy of every
little thing that is right with the world?
Because there is so much wrong that
denial won't let you slip through
the cracks in the system, because
You have to deal with what
Generations behind you destroyed;
What mansions are filled with empty rooms
while the poor sit on the side of the roads
and You
Can't think big.
There is no power of positive pressure
when the world is winding in a downward spiral,
and you cannot dream
because you
Are one of the poor.
Your situation dictates your life and
there's nothing you can do to stick it to the man
when you
And I said,
"Reach for the stars,
because that's why we have arms.
Reality is not too easy-
the truth is that it requires
Someone to look at the bigger picture,
and I can see more clearly from up there,
rather than behind your negativity.
I don't claim to be perfect,
but if there's a right way to go,
I'm going to take it.
I'm not above social catastrophe,
I'm just trying to change it,
and the world may be tumbling
into ultimate turmoil but
you can't tell me that there is no point
In helping.
I dictate my choices,
I dictate my life,
I will accomplish what you think
is impossible
and there's
stop me."

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


There is a reason for everything.
Without reason, who are we?
Is there life without why?

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

This small phrase has been on my mind since I watched a Ted Talk about business strategy and why some leaders are followed over others. The man who spoke mentioned Apple being successful because their slogan was about what they believe in. The company believed in supplying people with this tool of communication in their own homes, because they believed in connection. He mentioned Martin Luther King Jr. and why HE was able to draw a crowd of people to the white house where he made a speech. He said "I believe" and he drew in all the people that believed in what he believed in. They weren't there because Martin Luther King was a great orator; they were there because their beliefs were similar or equal to his.

If this idea of people buying into a company's philosophy is what drives markets or movements, then why don't more people use this methodology? Is this methodology just a trick to drive people to buy their product or do companies that adopt major slogans actually agree with their ideas?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Distance sends you spread-eagled;
Slipping on wet stones,
and falling head over heals into the abyss.
The image of space
casts shadows in the clouds,
and the air isn't quite the same,
as it is where you call home.
But a tint of freedom rests in the sky;
a vision of the future looms over my bed;
pressure condenses on my window;
And longing sneaks under my pillow.
Is figuring out life,
Discovering that philosophy and chemistry,
may be the reasons that brought you here.
Or rather,
you have your heart rooted in words,
sending you to English class
because that's where you feel you belong.
I sit in the library looking outwards and inwards,
searching for the stones I had to leave behind,
Missing home and striding to the future.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Reflect and be Reflected

This is a time of reflection. A time for packing boxes and reading books. A time for hugs and tears and grilled cheese with tomato fresh from the garden. A time for warm sun and tan lines. This is a time for swimming pools and thunder storms and family vacations; a time for chocolate and friendship; a time for change.

This is August. This is watching the days on the calendar get crossed off as they move closer to the inevitable day of leaving home. This is climbing a mountain and standing up at the tip-top looking over a world where you can't see where the sky touches the ocean. This is throwing a Frisbee on a beach while your mom throws it to the birds instead of you. This is riding in a car with no particular place to go. This is holding onto your friends. This is wandering the mall with your sister and eating chicken. This is walking to the lighthouse and talking about school. This is bike rides and laughter, picnics and breakfast, and holding hands because this is not a time for giving up.  This is long walks on the beach and holding onto each second because everything is about to change.

And this is facing a world where responsibility is inevitable and it is time to leave the nest.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I want moonlight and fireflies-
A spectacle that needs to be
admired by multiple people.
I want ice cream and chocolate-
So that I can soak up all the
sweetness this life can offer.
I want peace and quiet-
A chance to reflect and meditate
so that body and mind work as one.
I want books and music-
To keep my mind and fingers
moving and learning and doing.
I want blue skies and thunderstorms-
A world where I can make my garden grow
and my life beautiful.
I want your arms around me-
So I may be safe and cared for
in a way so dreamlike I forget reality.
I want your hand in mine-
Locked like a zipper in a way
that I know you won't let go.
I want friendship and love-
So that I can surround myself
In a blanket of positive light.
I want peace-
In a world where war and poverty
Threaten a nation's well-being.
I want the impossible-
Because impossible turns into possible
when possible is in your dreams.