Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Poetry is for Everyone

I get it. Poetry isn't everybody's thing. But so many people reject it right away without considering it to be good. Well, here's why poetry doesn't suck, and you should give it a try.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Where I'm From, Always

I’m from hard-working and loyal;
I’m from single mother and college graduate,
walking across the stage for her daughter,
from proud and strong and independent.
I’m from grandparents, aunts, uncles, bathtubs,
beautiful pictures, infectious smiles;
I’m from white picket fences and green backyards,
full of ducks, and overflowing creeks
that make my boots soggy and the puddle-jumping exciting,
from stale bread and laughter and constant video cameras.
I’m from obnoxious toy guitars and Barbie dolls,
from toy cars I refused were “for boys,”
and Emeril live on weeknights,
even when my mom should have told me
it was time for bed. 
I’m from Dr. Seuss and fairy tales with happy endings,
from princess gowns and movies and dolls,
from dreaming and believing.
I’m from soccer games and competition,
from running until my lungs give up,
from challenging and even sometimes winning. 
I’m from 80’s rock music and Bon Jovi,
from Charlie Parker and swing music,
making me feel like living in the Age of Swing
would have been wonderful,
I’m from trombones and saxophones 
because music always seemed to call me.
I’m from marching band and making friends,
from learning and discipline,
from inspiration in the form of Sing, Sing, Sing
and a dream of playing at Carnegie Hall.
I’m from Harry Potter, from To Kill a Mockingbird,
from finding anything to read that I could get my hands on,
because books held all the worlds’ secrets,
and I wanted to know them all.
I’m from macaroni and cheese dinners, 
from paychecks that made  my mother smile,
and birthday parties every year,
from love, weddings, and white-and-purple mums,
from new parent and new siblings and new house,
from learning how to be a role model and 
learning how to care for someone,
from fights and arguments and hard conversations.
I’m from learning how to grow up fast;
I’m from lost trust and long explanations,
from betrayal and court dates,
from picking yourself up and dusting yourself off
because it isn’t worth the lost time. 
I’m from growing, living, breathing,
from transformation and understanding,
but always
from love, from love, from love.

Friday, January 29, 2016


People are put in your path for a reason, to be there with you, to guide you, and sometimes to challenge you. They give you a reason to live and motivate you to be your true self in some form. It’s a way for you to live fully, because living alone would mean nothing. It is among other people that we find ourselves and express ourselves. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Positive Customer Service (Odyssey)

Here's my third article!


May I remind anyone who's reading that sharing this article on social media platforms gives me a chance to win money--but only if my article is the most-shared article for that week. Thank you!

Monday, January 25, 2016


It started with a proposal. Young and happy maybe; optimistic about a future. He gave her a ring and she wore it proudly. They got married in a church with their family and started a life. Two kids and many years later, it wasn't quite the happy ending. Divorce separated the family, but the ring remained, tucked away in a box. There is stayed as a reminder of what was, or what could have been. 

Years later she took the ring out of the box. She put it down on the dressing table and looked at it. The gold band was simple and plain, and the single diamond shone in its setting. Her old eyes didn't look at it the same way as she used to. She put it back in the box and waited. 

She gave the ring to her granddaughter. She decided her fingers were too swollen now and her granddaughter should have it. Maybe someday she'll get married. Her granddaughter looked surprised and nervous to be holding onto something so expensive, but she took it nonetheless and kept it safe.

Now, the ring is locked up so that no one can get to it. Maybe someday the girl will put the diamond in a new setting to wear for a new promise. Maybe it will stay tucked away, cherished but forgotten. Maybe it will carry on to new generations. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Return to School

Today I ran some errands and packed in preparation for me return to school for the spring semester. I'm really excited because I'm going to be taking two English classes (one on Shakespeare and one on American Literature) as well as a biology course and environmental sociology. After purchasing my books (yikes!) it looks like I'm going to be learning a lot and doing a lot of hard work. I couldn't fit a creative writing class into my schedule for this semester so I won't have that to motivate me to write creatively so it's pretty much up to me to keep up with blogging.

This probably means more shorter pieces, possibly fewer posts in a week, and a lot of talking about what's going on with me and school. I'll probably want to write about what I'm learning in class or let out my frustrations. Just right now I'm reflecting on the kind of writing I'm planning on doing, while hopefully working on some other things I want to do. I desperately want to find an internship in or around Boston in some sort of field that can be related to my English Major. Journalism, publishing, public relations, or non-profit work. The problem is that I need to be paid because I can't afford to go into Boston every day without saving up for a semester's worth of books and tuition. I'm putting that out there in case anyone reading this knows anyone that works in anything remotely close to what I'm interested in. If you have a connection and could hook me up with an application or an email or phone number that would be fantastic and I'd be forever grateful.

Well, I go back Saturday. I have a humor piece in the works for the Odyssey, hopefully to be up and published next Tuesday. If anyone ever has something they want me to write about or think I should write about, feel free to send me a message, my e-mail is here. That's about it. I'm trying to not stress myself out too much before I've even started classes. Here's to more writing, and another great semester!


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wake Up

Wake up before the sun rises,
only then can you really see
one of the most beautiful sights
the world has to offer.
Because despite the bad,
despite the hatred,
despite the darkness,
despite the death,
there is something to
look forward to.
Because the sun,
no matter the state of the day,
every day,
without change;
and when that sun rises,
It's like standing at the edge of a lake
and slowly dipping your toe into the water,
just to realize how delightfully warm it is.
It's like turning the last corner of a race,
out of breath and ready to fall to the floor,
when you finally cross the line in victory.
It's like finishing the last note of a solo,
and that moment of silence followed by
applause from the audience.
Wake up before the sun rises
and everything is dark.
A dim light makes the sky a
misty grey-blue color when
all of a sudden
a ray of light peeks over the horizon
and through the trees;
before you know it,
there's the sun,
there's the light,
there's the start of another day.